Bulgaria Size Type
Sofia Logistics Park 15 – 40 ha park Studie
Bansko 15 ha Studies

Czech Republic Size Type
Prague Otec 10.000 m2 built Industrial
Prague Maersk Logistics 20.000 m2 built Industrial

Hungary Size Type
Budapest Rynart Transport 120.000 m2 built Industrial
Budapest Ferihegy Airport 180 ha park Mixed use

Italy Size Type
Milan Avioport Logistics Park 52.000 m2 built Industrial / Offices

Poland Size Type
Poznan Eurocash 25.000 m2 built Industrial
Strykow Logistics Park 66 ha park Industrial

Romania Size Type
Bucharest Industrial Park 160 ha park Industrial
Snagov 14.5 ha Residential

Russia Size Type
Moscow Tomilino Logistics Park 19 ha built Industrial
St. Petersburg Logistics Park 50 – 100 ha park Studie

Serbia Size Type
Zabalj Industrial Park 67 ha park Industrial

South Africa Size Type
Langebaan Laguna Park 110 ha Studies

The Netherlands Size Type
Bergen op Zoom Lamb Weston Meyer 36.000 m2 built Industrial
Hillegom Watertower 1 ha Retail / Offices
Maastricht Volvo 28.000 m2 built Industrial
Maasboulevard Venlo 32.000 m2 retail / 550 parking spaces / 183 apartments / 1 theater Development and project management / feasibilities / rental assistance
Temporary shopping mall Stein 7.300 m2 retail / 1.000 m2 arcade Development project and construction management

Turkey Size Type
Istanbul Gebze Logistics Park 30 ha park Studie
Gursu Residence 130 ha Studies
Istanbul Hadimkoy 13.9 ha Studie

Ukraine Size Type
Kiev Logistics Park 42 ha park Studie


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