Drs. Leo Voorpijl Investment Analyst

Biography: drs. L. (Leo) Voorpijl

drs. L.H.M.Voorpijl has almost 40 years of real estate experience, especially as an investment analyst. Mr. Voorpijl started as researcher at the Economic-Technological Institute North-Brabant. He provided advices on residential investment properties to Interpolis (a Rabobank Insurance Company). Mr. Voorpijl held several senior positions at Coman Engineering Company and Grontmij Company, among others head of de Landbank with National Investment Bank Capital NIBC . Mr. Voorpijl prepared investment proposals for SWECO (former Grontmij) and Grontmij Partners in the Netherlands, but also for projects in Poland, Serbia, Russia, Romania, Czech Republic and Germany (Bremen, Cologne). He was also responsible for residential developments in Brussels (with Immobel). In recent years he was managing director of Holtum Noord Grondexploitatie, a 30 ha estate adjacent to Born Harbour in the south of the Netherlands on behalf of NV Industriebank LIOF. In 2017 the estate is completely out of stock, due to the interest of international companies such as Prologis, DHL, Mainfreight, Ceva. For Hurks construction company mr. Voorpijl supported the start of several residential developments, among others Kudelstaart (near Amsterdam) and Maastricht. Mr. Voorpijl is also managing director of Centipedes office building, commissioned by the National Investment Bank Capital. On request of the cities of Aachen (Germany)m Heerlen (the Netherlands), the State Government of Nordrhein-Westfalen and NV Industriebank LIOF mr. Voorpijl is chairman of the supervisory board of Avantis, a 70 Ha bi-national industrial and logistic park. Mr. Voorpijl holds a degree in Planning from the University of Nijmegen.


TEL: (+31) 464234810

MAIL: info@eurasianreal.com

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